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We thank all our planned-gift donors for their generous support. Here are some of their stories.

Lance and Dee Talmage Feel Fortunate to Support UT

Donor 1

Dr. Lance and Diana (Dee) Talmage’s bios read like a Who’s Who at The University of Toledo. Both hold UT degrees: Lance graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in 1960, and Dee received a master of education in elementary guidance counseling in 1965.

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Bob and Eileen O’Keefe: Loyal Rockets to the end

Bob and Eileen O’Keefe

If the UT Rockets were playing at home, odds were that the late Bob O’Keefe (Bus ‘56) and his wife, Eileen, were cheering in the stands.

Dave Nottke, senior assistant athletic director for development and external affairs, remembered the O’Keefes fondly from athletic events.

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Giving Comes Full Circle for retired UT Professor

Dr. Martin Ritchie and Dr. Lynette Hale

Retired UT professor Martin Ritchie learned the meaning of philanthropy at a very young age, from his father’s tireless dedication to Civil War battlefield preservation to his mother’s fundraising drive to provide a piano to a retirement community. He first implemented this valuable life lesson at The University of Virginia, when he helped start a scholarship to honor a favorite professor.

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Edward Shapiro's Spirit Lives on in UT Students

Donor Shapiro

The world lost internationally acclaimed UT economics professor Edward Shapiro in 2005. However, a decade after his death, UT students still strive for the excellence in English composition and in economics that Professor Shapiro always demanded from both students and faculty.

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Cathy Sheets Gives Back Through Gift Annuity

Donor Collins 1

As a person of deep faith, Cathy Sheets has also been inspired by her faith to give back.

Mrs. Sheets, who received a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 1986 and a master’s in taxation in 1992 from UT, learned philanthropy from watching her colleagues and clients at Plante Moran, where she is a tax partner. Several of them had already created endowments at UT and other organizations, and she, too, “wanted to make a difference in a student’s life.”

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Collins Estate Gift Creates New Pediatric Professorship

Donor Collins 1

A Toledo woman's $2 million bequest to The University of Toledo, in memory of her son, will support research, innovative diagnostic services, and clinical services in support of treatment for children with disabilities.

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Late Astronomy Professor Helps UT Reach for the Stars

Donor 6

As UT's only astronomy professor for many years, the late Helen Brooks witnessed the department's major growth. She was there for the country's developments in the space program, which she once said gave astronomy its impetus. She was there when the (then) department of physics was renamed the department of physics and astronomy, in recognition of the growing stature of the program. Along with Dr. John Turin, she played a key role

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Ashel Bryan: Philanthropist, Leader and Friend

Donor 5

Some individuals give back to the community by volunteering their time and skills. Others give of their financial resources.

And then there's the rare person who gives all, becoming an essential part of the very fabric of the community he serves.

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Carlsons' Gifts to Boost UT Library Collections

Donor 4

As the tenth president of The University of Toledo, Dr. William S. Carlson is perhaps remembered best as the individual who led UT from the rank of a small municipal campus to a state university. During his 14-year tenure, the University's enrollment nearly tripled, and the physical campus experienced tremendous growth as well.

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UT and Football Played Major Roles in Hatfields' Lives

Donor 3

The late B.R. "Keno" Hatfield credited much in his life to football: increased confidence, great friendships and a strong physical condition. Even his nickname was a result of the game, after someone observing him play, back in the 1930s, yelled, "Look at that Beau go; isn't he a keen-o!"

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Estate Gift Continues Walinski - Family Tradition at UT

Donor 2

Several individuals have made their way into the history of The University of Toledo. Among them are members of the Walinski family, who have marked many "firsts" at UT.

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Gifts of Life Insurance Provide Benefits
and Leave Legacy

Donor 1

Life insurance is an effective and cost-efficient method to provide a significant gift to UT.

"Most individuals purchase and own a life insurance policy at some juncture in their lives," according to Nancy Koerner, former UT director of planned giving. "Frequently, the reasons and motivations for the original purchase are no longer applicable, and the policy is relegated to the 'forgotten' bucket. However, many people can easily turn that asset into a charitable gift that renders satisfying philanthropic, financial, and beneficial results and rewards."

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